About Us

About Us

Bixum Teknoloji is a technology company founded in 2022 by a group that invests in software projects that it develops or is later involved in.

Along with the software development and investment process, Bixum Teknoloji, which included technology products in its scope in 2023, is a constantly developing dynamic organization.

The BiGifty project, which he developed, as well as the Nexizon projects in which he was later involved, are unique and unrivaled projects in the world. Nexizon, already in use, is a very special project that provides extraordinary efficiency with a brand new perspective on the retail world. The BiGifty project is a special project prepared for an end user whose project is ongoing with a very special content.

Bixum Teknoloji solutions, with a young and dynamic perspective

Minimizing organizational costs,
Processes can be reported down to the finest detail,
Saving time and labor,
Accessible from anywhere in the world,
It offers flexible, user-friendly and customizable solutions.

In Bixum Teknoloji products, the latest technological products used by end users from every corner of the world and from every segment are designed and manufactured under the Logia brand.


    Bixum Teknoloji attaches great importance to developing productivity-oriented software. All Bixum Teknoloji products are time and cost oriented.


    All of our solutions are planned to be easy to use and easy to use for all levels of users


    All of the solutions, which are created by evaluating not only today but also future developments, are in a structure that will not lose their relevance.


    All of the products within Bixum Teknoloji are the most advanced products in their fields. Carefully designed products are produced under the Logia brand by combining the most special parts.