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Bixum Teknoloji is a technology company founded in 2022 by a group that invests in software projects that it develops or is later involved in.

Along with the software development and investment process, Bixum Teknoloji, which included technology products in its scope in 2023, is a constantly developing dynamic organization.

Bixum Technology

Bixum Teknoloji offers individual and corporate products and services to the sector by prioritizing innovations and usability in the field of technology. It determines the needs by following the trends with its young and dynamic staff.


Bixum Teknoloji, which sets out to use technology to make life easier, alleviates the obligations and responsibilities of corporate life with the solutions it produces and shows that things can be solved more easily and with the resources available.


Technology is now at the forefront of the tools we use to make our lives easier. The wide range of products offered by Bixum Teknoloji for a smarter and easier life is enriched with new ones every day.


It is a platform established to facilitate the gifting processes of institutions / corporate companies and to ensure effective follow-up. Thanks to Bigifty, organizations save time and budget in gift-giving activities.


It is Turkiye’s first artificial intelligence supported video analysis and automation system developed entirely with domestic and national technology. It is a user-friendly software that provides reporting on the workflow processes of institutions and organizations by integrating all cameras either locally or on the cloud.


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Bixum Teknoloji
a smarter and easier life
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wide range of products every day
is enriched with new ones.


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